Limited Liability Company

Kamchatsky Tank Farm, controlled and owned over 16 major tanks farms in the major terminals in across Russia and Netherlands, we also are contractor to Transneft and we also mention all Transneft oil and gas terminals alongside our terminals as well as terminal of some major oil companies in Russia Federation, one of our tank farm has the capacity to store up to 10,000,000 tonnes.


Our pipelines are never too busy likewise our oil terminals for loading, they are never too busy for loading and transportation of oil and gas product. We also regulate laws of oil and gas export and transportation together with the ministry of energy russia federation.

About Company

Kamchatsky ships petroleum products in different kind of its own fleet of 10 hi-tech oil tanker vessel and thirteen coasters. Six modern tanker trucks handle transport by road. Some locations also provide railway terminals for loading and unloading oils products of different kinds. Kamchatsky is a strong and reliable partner for transportation.



Kamchatsky Tank Farm is a reliable storage company providing logistics solutions. Handling the entire logistics chain for its customers, the company has major storage facilities situated strategically at different locations in Russia Federation and Rotterdam, Netherlands.


Kamchatsky aim to be a full service provider that can handle everything our clients may ask, be it tansportation and storage of petroleum products of all types services and everything in between. No requests are to bold, we enjoy the challenge.